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Role of the Principal Investigator

The Principal Investigator (PI) primary responsibilities for the oversight and technical success of the project as outlined in the funded proposal.

The position ensures that the project is completed in accordance with FDA, ICH, and GCP guidelines.

The PI is also responsible for the fair and equitable treatment of participants. Once the trial is completed, the PI analyzes the data and reports the results.

Additional Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintain accurate records
  • Sign and review regulatory documents as well as lab reports and other procedural documents
  • Report project progress, updates to the sponsors
  • Assess and report adverse events
  • Keep research participants informed at all times
  • Attend necessary investigator meetings
  • Work alongside study coordinators to ensure smooth workflow and troubleshoot as needed
  • Obtain, maintain, and protect equipment used during the trial
  • Take appropriate steps to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Verify that the proposal budget provides enough funds to meet with federal regulations

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How do I become a Principal Investigator?

A Principal Investigator requires a bachelor’s degree in a subject related to your research field. Many sponsors seek Principal Investigators with a master’s degree or a doctorate.

What are additional responsibilities of a Principal Investigator?

A Principal Investigator maintains accurate records, reports clinical trial progress, ensures all team members receive the proper training, and certifies all approvals are confirmed.

What are the qualifications of a Principal Investigator?

The clinical trial sponsor selects a Principal Investigator to lead the study. The law requires the sponsor to establish a Principal Investigator with the proper experience and training to conduct a clinical trial.

What is a Co-Principal Investigator?

A Co-Principal Investigator works with the Principal Investigator in the project’s planning, creation, and execution. A vital member of the project, the Co-Principal Investigator, is considered key personnel of the project.

What is a Principal Investigator?

A Principal Investigator is the lead individual responsible for the planning, creating, and administering of a grant project, such as a clinical trial.