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Clinical Research: Why Medical Studies Improve Lives

Clinical research is a powerful tool that helps to bring new treatments and medications to the public. It is an […]
Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials: Separating the Facts from Fiction

Clinical trials are necessary to advance medical knowledge and improve patient care. Nevertheless, several common myths about clinical trials continue […]
A doctor's gloved hands are holding a rubber heart.

The Importance of Lp(a): Exploring the Link to Heart Health

In the vast sea of biomarkers and lipid profiles that can predict cardiovascular disease (CVD), a relatively lesser-known yet critical […]
Doctors comparing Trial Results

Unveiling Current Trends and the Future of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have long been at the forefront of medical research, necessary for developing new treatments and improving patient care. […]
What Is Informed Consent?

What Is Informed Consent?

Informed consent is a fundamental principle in healthcare, ethics, and research that gives individuals the right to make informed decisions […]
SFCRI clinical trials

Why is Racial Diversity Important in Clinical Trials?

Racial diversity matters in society, but how come it’s lacking in medicine? Clinical trials play a crucial role in the […]
Why Should I Participate in Clinical Trials?

Why Should I Participate in Clinical Trials?

Participating in clinical trials can provide numerous benefits to those who take part. A clinical trial allows you to access […]